This back pillow is the best Christmas present Scott gave me!

I was talking to our family therapist last night about surfing. She’s amazing and has been with us for years and everyone should do therapy. She talked about surfing as a metaphor for dealing with the hard stuff – surfing the waves of grief and sorrow and worry and anxiety and sadness rather than letting them hit us and wipe us out for days. I think we’re doing this and it feels good. Easier some days than others of course, but that’s what buying tulips and pretty note cards is for.

Surfing makes me think of water and swimming, which led to me looking up lane swims and dreaming of our local outdoor pool opening and getting a pass for my birthday in the spring.

Which got me thinking about moving and how that is the key to everything for me right now. Keep moving. Don’t let myself get stuck. I am more than ever understanding when people say they ‘need’ to get outside. I’ve never really been that person but I am lately, nothing feels better than the gasp of a crisp, cold breeze when I open my window or door and I breathe it all in.

Keep moving, keep reading, keep writing (see above cosy space where I’m writing at least 1000 words a day and I just broke 10 thousand words on my new project!) Keep dreaming of spring. Basically, keep surfing.

*Funny that every time I typed surfing in this post I would type surfacing instead. That works too.

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