Catch Up


I’ve been away from here for weeks. I’ve been concentrating on my writing course (which finishes this week and was amazing). I’ve been reading and working and keeping my kids going, day to day, or even sometimes hour to hour. There was Valentine’s day, sick weeks with children home for days, and a dog with a scratched eye that ended up in antibiotics, a cone and her sleeping on me for hours while I read. We’ve been skating. I messed up my swimming lessons and thought they’d been cancelled only to find out later that no, they had gone on without me.

We spent too much energy on which vacuum we should buy and in the end probably bought the wrong one, too heavy. We have subscribed to new magazines (Room and Owl and Vanity Fair) to make happy mail days more of a thing. We went to the Car Show, we’ve had more hotel stays, we’ve been to the top of the CN Tower. I’ve blown through every episode of Workin’ Moms, the one show I love the most. We have felt small and so tired, and lost only to be brought up by the tiniest of hope. We became obsessed with figure skating and Scott and Tessa. We have kept the kids abreast of all news, sharing the facts and hearing their thoughts even when it was hard.

We have watched Black Panther and listened to it’s soundtrack on repeat some days because the kids love it and it’s perfect to listen to when playing lego. We have stayed home and played with boxes and board games and street hockey nets during March Break. We made meringues and watched hockey games.We have worried and written emails to teachers and not slept. We have forgotten those emails just long enough to enjoy Samantha Bee and John Oliver.

We have written letters to the paper to unsubscribe because of a transphobic editorial cartoon they gave us no explanation or apology for.  We have perfected times tables and joined the wrestling team (not me!!). One of us is closer to making peace with an old bully while another of us has had enough and finally walked away for good. We have eaten many bags of Mini Eggs. We celebrated the twenty years it has been since the first time Scott and I first kissed. We have hunkered down and worked hard and laughed and above all, we’ve read and read and read.




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