A Very Summery Post

Traditional gift for 18 years married is obvs ice cream.

I have about half an hour. One kid is at a friend’s and the other is at his volunteering gig. I wanted to sit still (albeit feelings jittery after flitting around all morning in order to make things happen and because this humidity is the pits) and write. Write about good things.

This past week, we celebrated being married for 18 years. Scott made us eggs benedict for breakfast which is so amazing he has ruined all other eggs benedict for me forever. Then we drove to Guelph to do what we love best, ice cream and books. We hit up one of my favourite bookstores, The Bookshelf where I found a copy of Pachinko by Min Jin Lee which I am so late to the party for but was reminded of it when Kerry Clare mentioned it the other day on Instagram.

We went to a comic book/ game store and an amazing ice cream and candy store called Sweet! which was right across from a splash pad at city hall. We found an amazing used bookstore and everyone found books to buy. We came home, made hamburgers for dinner and rounded out the night watching Stranger Things. So yes, it was a simple and a good day.

My time is up, I need to run and do pick ups. Other good things: Mostly Dead Things by Kristen Arnett was amazing, my hammock, beer raddlers, watching the US Office with the kids, and swimming!

I had my first swim lesson last week and it was amazing! It’s at 4:30 Friday afternoons and the pool is outside and perfect. There were two instructors and only three students. One teacher for me and one for the others who came as a pair. The instructors knew exactly how to not make a forty- something year old woman feel anything but great for showing up. I passed all of the criteria for Adult 1 in forty-five minutes and was promoted to Adult 2. The hair in my face and the glare in my eyes was tough so I’ve got a cap and goggles all ready for tomorrow. It’s kind of the best way ever to end the week.

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