It’s the Little Things

We just got home from the mall. I had to return a few things, pick up some groceries. It turned into lunch with me and the kids which was lovely. We also walked through the bookstore and I got a coffee in the new travel cup I got yesterday in the mail from my cousins in BC. Their package had lots of treats, one or two things perfectly suited and chosen for each of us. My favourite part of it was hearing my kids recognize not only how thoughtful everything was but how much each gift shows how well our family knows us.

We had a great weekend as well. Scott made us amazing food, fried chicken, cherry cobbler, brushetta and pasta. I read a lot, I swam a lot! We went to our local outdoor pool and swam in the rain. I’m walking around sore after working on my whip kick. I drank more than one can of radler, my new favourite. We went to the market and bought peaches and corn and cinnamon buns for breakfast one morning. We slept in and played games. Scott and I watched season one of Fleabag which lives up to the hype, it’s amazing! He and I have swapped two of our favourite series to read. I’ve started Jo Walton’s ‘Small Change’ triology and he is reading Eden Robsinson’s Trickster books. We continue to watch The Office in the evenings with the kids, even if it isn’t as exciting now that Jim and Pam are together and the plots are getting extra silly. The kids still laugh so hard.

There are four weeks left of summer and a longish trip to Toronto still to look forward (feel free to send any thoughts of things to do and places to eat!) where we will be house and cat-sitting. It’s so easy to worry about September but it’s so much nicer to enjoy these little things together. So that’s what I’ve decided to do.

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