Why I’m OK with the weather

I took my dog for a walk this week during the first snow. It was cold and sunny and the snow didn’t stop for hours. My mind, instead of becoming the usual mess of worry upon worry, was taken over with images of lit fireplaces, favourite blankets and sweaters, never ending mugs of tea, so many books and the new hat from my aunt that I was already wearing (and loving!) The quiet dark lets my family relax a little, we are more free to stay in and huddle together when we need to without the guilt that we should be out making the most of things. It means warmth and although I loved (loved!) this summer, and miss my swimming (I don’t have time right now to get back in a pool but oh do I miss it!) which made me feel strong, I know I am in need of a break and just some quiet, the kind that only snowy mornings and early evening blanketed in moonlight can bring.

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