Taking Stock

This is just a really good week and when I saw this on Kerry Clare’s site I couldn’t resist, and she found it first here.

So why is this such a good well? It’s because I’m…

Making: this cake from Snacking Cakes: Simple Treats for Anytime Cravings, by Yossy Arefi.
Getting: excited for longer days and so many new books.
Cooking: from Julia Turshen’s new cookbook, Simply Julia
Sipping: new flavoured radlers from Waterloo Brewing
Reading: Standard Deviation by Katherine Heiny and so excited to start Half Life by Krista Foss
Waiting: for my first Mama Organics box today!!
Looking: out the window in my new office
Listening: to Sarah Harmer and Evermore by Taylor Swift and I’m trying to fit in an audiobook
Wishing: the new Lane Winslow was already here! Not long to go though.
Enjoying: sun in the morning, long walks in our creek
Appreciating: So much. The amazing way my boys deal with hard things all while making me laugh all the time. Good food. The extra energy I have.
Eating: Indian food we ordered and it took us three days to finish it!
Liking: the new Falcon and Winter Solider show and continuing to have fun Friday tv nights.
Loving: Ted Lasso! Definitely lives up to all the hype.
Buying: Jean overalls.
Managing: all of the upcoming virtual book talks and virtual literary festivals I’ve signed up for and the books I need to read before the start!
Watching: Ted Lasso, Ted Lasso, Ted Lasso (he needs to be mentioned several times)
Hoping: the final episode ever of Superstore this week is perfect!
Wearing: jeans! tshirts! and now my overalls.
Following: the ducks around in my creek
Noticing: how much happier I am when there’s sun
Sorting: through old pictures
Getting: this amazing box of local items from Stratford today in the mail this week!
Bookmarking: all the new Spring books I need to read.
Coveting: nothing, I feel only overjoyed at seeing people getting their vaccines and know ours will come!
Feeling: Happy and not as tired as I was.
Hearing: Birds!

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