May was a great month. Birthdays, weather, good tv, great books, finding cool and easy food for hot nights. We took it easy, we celebrated, we didn’t look too far past the day. We wore masks but didn’t worry about covid, I went to Toronto and a Sarah Harmer concert and restaurants and ate Italian food and then Indian food and drank a peach bellini! Definitely, some perfect moments. I think I’m just ready for the summer, school and all it’s worries to be over and have fun! Rory’s got a job scooping ice cream all summer which he got all on his own and I’m proud of him. William turned 17 and my heart wouldn’t stop exploding all day. They really are the most wonderful kids.

We’re watching Stranger Things which is fine. I am reading amazing short stories to get myself reading for #1000wordsofsummer – still writing about the nursing home but through linked short stories. I took a two hour writing course online with Elizabeth McCracken on my birthday!!! Could anything beat that except maybe the the kimchi fries at our local Bao restaurant that I dream about and have decided after I finish #1000wordsofsummer will be my reward.

I make and drink a gallon of iced tea a day. I can’t wait to swim! Kevin Wilson’s newest stories are breaking my heart right now in the best possible way. I’ve set up a perfect reading plan for myself. I will put off buying any new books (until September when the new Kevin Wilson, Elizabeth McCracken and Liz Strout start rolling out) and enjoy the so many I already own that I’ve yet to read.

And now it’s June! Let’s go summer!

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