Monday is never a good day in our house, especially for our kids when they first wake up. Sundays are getting tricky too.  So we escaped. We packed up and took off to Toronto for a hotel night and swimming in what the kids pretended was Poseidon`s sacred pool. We relaxed in the rooftop hot tub, had a free hot buffet breakfast and a trip to the Science Centre. It was perfect and silly and goofy fun. We were all happy and had great talks. We laughed really hard. For the first time ever I fell asleep before the kids. We were in our beds and the plan is always to wait out the kids and then turn our lamps back on and read. But I was tired and it was such a great feeling knowing that I could just let go because everyone was content.  It didn’t make Monday much easier, but it didn’t make it any worse.


I finished my first UofT writing course last week and I already miss it. My next one doesn`t start until the end of January.  Until then my plan is to read (of course) and keeping working on my story that could turn into something longer and quite possibly my final project – a novel (bah!). I`ve been testing out saying that a lot lately and I like it. Writing here is also part of the plan, keep some structure to my writing days.





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