The Negatives

Or the spaces we hide. Stories we don’t want to tell. I’m thinking of the moments that aren’t captured and posted because they aren’t bright enough, happy enough or easy enough. Who would post these? Who would want to see them? Of course no one.

But it doesn’t mean I’m not thinking of how I would capture them and it doesn’t mean I want to lose them. They make us who were are. When things hit and one child feels so bad and can’t get out of bed, I notice the spot of sun just touching his cheek, brightening his freckles. Or when the other son is so frightened that his eyes shine and he looks so much older and younger to me at the same time.

These moments are just as beautiful as a silly picture of us smiling in the snow or swimming somewhere. They are us, they keep us on our toes and make us stronger, those spaces in between.

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