Keep Moving

These are early days for this blog. It needs more focus but for now I have a goal – to keep moving. To keep writing, to keep moving.

There will always be sun.

It doesn’t take much to keep moving. One day at a time. We say that often. You get up and make something different for breakfast, in our case, it was an apple Dutch baby yesterday. So good! You hope everyone’s well enough in your home and then go for a morning walk in the snow on a Sunday morning. You wear the best winter hat you’ve ever had, thankful to be warm and healthy. You enjoy making four cups of tea at a time now instead of just two.

And of course you read, and you read and you read. You collect words and images and wear them like armor when the days are most difficult. And you celebrate and are grateful for tiny surprises like hearing from others that your own words are being enjoyed.

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