Why I Need to Blog

Can I say it’s because Michelle Obama wants me to? I can and I will, because it’s actually true. This past Saturday, my Aunt Bonnie and I went to see her speak in front of 15, 000 others in Toronto. We did dress up more than in the photo, but once we bought our Michelle hoodies like proper nerds, what did it matter?

Michelle was interviewed by Phoebe Robinson who I know as on of the 2 Dope Queens along with Jessica Williams. These women are all funny and brilliant and I’ve listened to some of their podcasts, especially the ones with Michelle.

To say she was amazing is an understatement. I’d spent the week reading Becoming so I knew my stuff. She touched on her past, of course, her relationship with her brother, father and mother, her grumpy grandpa, her aunt who lived on the first floor of their house. She spoke of the importance of large families – either the one you are born into or the one you choose – and how necessary these people are because of their different voices and their stories. Different stories as we grow and of course, ‘become’, are crucial because they keep are minds open and people close. When people are close to us through their stories – around the dinner table, over Netflix or through blogs – it becomes impossible to put people into groups out of fear and hate, despite the horrors others may be trying to push into our ears.

It doesn’t take a genius to see where this is going. I’ve been toying with the idea of really committing to this blog, I even paid the yearly fee to get rid of the hideous ads that pop up. But then I struggle so much and worry about sounding narcissistic. But if I’m writing my stories it means I’m also listening to yours, and then we talk and we learn and there is community. Sitting in that arena, deafened by the screams of thousands of like-minded and good people was the most overwhelming part of the night. It’s so easy to forget that there is more good than bad around us, but there is, and I refuse to think otherwise. So if use this little space to share my stories and get to know you and yours, I think we’ll make Michelle proud.

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