Bingo’s all I Need

This picture is lovely and still. I’m happy sitting outside on a not scorching hot day with my dog while wearing my new birthday sweatshirt from Books Are Magic, the store where I work in my dreams. I have been 43 for a few days, things are good. And weeks later, things are still good but it is June so things are not so calm.

It seems there are less events this month then there were in May. Birthday seasons are crazy in our house, May is about William and I, he just turned 14 (14!) while November is all about Rory and Scott. I would be lying if I said I am not happy that the birthday spring edition is over. So many ups and downs.

There are not as many events but the events there are in June are huge. Monday the 24 is Graduation day, for both kids. Rory from grade 6 in the morning (I know ) and William from grade 8 in the evening. The next morning Rory and I head off with his class to a water park while William gets on a bus with his school for a two hour ride to a camp where they’ll be for two night and three days. For many, this is nothing. For us, this is huge and will involve special planning. Although in the end, I am sure it will be hardest on me.

So that’s all. This morning was just a morning of filling out forms and paying for trips and so I wandered over here for a break as I think I will need to do more often in the next new weeks and months. This summer is the first in a long time that I will be not working and therefore home with the boys. This also will involve more planning. I wanted it to maybe involve the getting of a second dog but no one else in my home agreed this would be a good idea. It would be, it would be a great idea, but I live in a democracy. I had however even found the dog I wanted to become Bingo’s sister, a mixed bred named Flossy with neurological problems that causes her to spend time each day walking in circles. Maybe there is more to her adorable face that drew me in and the feeling that she needed me. Perhaps there was something else I connected to – the feeling of walking in circles some days and getting nowhere.

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