What Matters Most

The past 48 hours have been beyond strange. Today is one of those days you wake up having no idea what day it is, whether school is over or what needs to be done. I think one thing we can say with some certainty this morning is that everyone is happy.

Two days ago it was Rory’s graduation from the sixth grade. It was a great morning, William was able to come because he was out of school early. His own grad was that evening and early dismissal for hair appointments is how most people roll. We went to Rory’s school and it was the last primary school assembly we will ever attend which was sad. The diplomas were handed out to the students along with locks for their lockers in grade seven at the middle school next fall. Awards were given out and Rory received the last one, the one that had only one winner, presented by the principal to Rory, who had been chosen by the staff. I don’t remember that last time I felt that happy. I stood up, felt silly for half a second, thought who cares, and stood back up. I did that crazy laughing/crying thing. It was wonderful and it meant everything to my kid.

The afternoon was a down time before we headed off to William’s graduation which was held at the Kitchener Aud because there were over 200 students graduating. It was long and William really didn’t want to go but we had fun. Rory, Scott and I ate Smarties in our chairs while enjoying all the fancy dresses. By the time we got home it was nearing ten o’clock and we were exhausted.

I left out the part in the middle. The part when our old neighbour from across the street met our car as we pulled up so happy from Rory’s cermony. He began threatening and screaming at us to clean up our front yard and what terrible, lazy people we are. It was horrible, and I’ll admit, a little scary. Luckily the kids didn’t care, this neighbour is known for being a crank but this was more extreme than usual. We don’t keep a golf course for a front lawn, there are weeds and lots of pretty wild flowers and a little path Scott made. It is diverse and the bees love it. It looks different from the other golf courses on our street and we never need sprinklers or pesticides. We are also lazy at times, admittedly but that hardly makes us horrible people.

Yesterday the grade 8 class drove in a coach bus to Muskoka, over three hours away for a three day camping trip. William was so excited and at the school for 6am (after which Scott came home and weeded 🙂 I went on a field trip to an outdoor pool with Rory’s class. I got a call in the afternoon and after arranging for Rory to stay for as long as needed with a dear friend, Scott and I drove to Muskoka to pick up William who just couldn’t do it. We drove seven hours, ate crappy Burger King, and picked Rory up by 10pm. William woke up happy this morning, happy with his decision and happy it was summer.

We are beyond tired and so very ready for days of nothing. We know we are not horrible people, probably not even that lazy. Our neighbour screamed at us for not taking care of the most important thing we will even own. But I know we do.

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