Something To Keep me Afloat

This is not the pool where I will be going this Friday at 4:30pm to start my swimming lessons (!!!) but they will be at an outdoor pool and I can’t wait. This is the first summer in a few years where I have been at home full-time and I want to seize something that’s all mine. Of course there’s reading and also writing, the kids know that’s happening and it did today, hooray! But this will be a big challenge, something new to do and to think about. Not to mention I need exercise. When I signed up for the lessons weeks ago I wasn’t sure if I’d follow through, but now that the first class is almost here, I can’t wait! I catch myself dreaming of swimming laps all winter long (albeit indoors) with my newly claimed superpower. I can walk to the pool, which is a bonus and it will be the perfect ending to each week throughout the summer. I guess it was only a matter of time until this blog became a little bit about pink fish swims.

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