So Thank You

I’m in the middle of so many things, we all are. Right now it’s a fight between getting some words down and not letting the grilled cheese sandwiches burn. Before it was trying to get some of my own work done while helping my kids stay on task with theirs.

But mostly, it’s these amazing thoughts that are ping ponging back and forth in my head nonstop. And not the practical ones (get school started, then laundry and dinner plans) but the way better ones that are stronger than ever and so surprising, if I’m being honest. I feel inspired and excited to create. I didn’t want to help my kids with school today because the story I’m working on and the blog posts I’m reading and the new books I had delivered to me from my independent bookstore are filling me up with so much goodness! OK, so maybe I’m as scatterbrained right now as the boys are, but I’m also feeling more productive and I know it has much to do with feeling part of a community of artists and creative women online right now who are brilliant and kind. And it’s their encouragement that is overwhelming and so appreciated. To go back to Tara Henley’s Lean Out, she talks about the importance of finding one’s tribe – those people outside of your partners and best friends. The ones who encourage and spark bravery and kindness and courage. So thank you, you all know who you are, for instance, if you are reading this, it’s YOU!

Pardon any typos, I’m just glad the sandwiches didn’t burn! And then back to gr 7 science.

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