All the Pretty Things

I took Instagram off of my phone before Christmas. I still check it on my laptop, but the need to scroll constantly is gone. But it also means I haven’t posted anything in 9 weeks, and last night for the first time, I missed it.

There hasn’t been much to post about in these weeks but because I wasn’t posting I also wasn’t taking many pictures and the thought of missing many lovely moments makes me sad. And a lot has makes me sad lately, it’s been a rough few weeks. But we all know that.

But I’m thinking of the moments I missed posting, recording, thinking about, being grateful for. Those missed opportunities to have a moment of joy in the way the sun hits my tea cup or the way the romance novel I was reading (I’ve been reading so many!) matches my blanket. Moments to steal my mind away from school and worries of other things. Moments that could have caught my breath and given me a second of joy.

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