Check and Check

I have not completed enough things this year and I’m okay with that. I did complete this puzzle, with help, over the weekend. So that is something.

I did not finish all of my wonderful Valentine’s takeout from last night (we celebrated a night late) and I’m glad for that because nothing makes a snowy Monday better than leftover gnocchi with shrimp, prosciutto in a lemon cream sauce.

I did not finished all of January’s yoga challenge. I was so close, but on the last week I stretched too high for a cobra and my back pinged and I’m still paying for it.

I did finish reading many romance novels over the past weeks. I have not finished watching Bridgerton.

We have almost finished watching all of Superstore. It has been a delight to look forward to a few episodes each night all together. Things to look forward are always good.

For now, I have finished feeling sad and down and just basically awful. The first half of February was indeed as awful as I’d imagined it might be but these past few days have been better. Hearts and snow and gnocchi help.

I have finished yet another reading slump that I was in after finishing the romances. I am reading and very much enjoy Amanda Leduc’s The Centaur’s Wife. Such a perfect book to dive into on snowy, quiet days.

I have not finished writing a novel, not even close. Still working on it though.

I have not finished worrying about so many things, but maybe I have stopped feeling I have to fix everything for everyone.

I have not stopped buying more books than I can possibly read. I have not finished putting too many holds on books at the library.

I am not finished with this blog, despite how rarely I’ve been here lately.

I am finished with my bad back and this pandemic but what are we going to do.

Because, I am not finished loving the birds at my feeders. Seeing my dog race out into the snow each morning. Being grateful to Scott for fixing our dryer and all the gazillion amazing things he does, like making us hot chocolate to drink in bed together every night. The way my kids, even though they are teenagers, wake up still looky sleepy and remind me of when they were toddlers with sleepy eyes and rosy cheeks. The walks we take in our creek behind our house. Knowing despite everything, I have managed to keep writing and even get published this year.

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