New Space

When my back goes out, my body gives up completely for a few days and I read in bed. Its only happened to this extent twice, and there’s nothing worse. Since the last time this happened, last March, we bought a tv to put in our room. It’s ridiculously big but we thought it would let the kids spread out a bit when the pandemic hit and we were right, so no regrets. But I never use it when I’m by myself. Scott and I watch some things after the kids go to bed but they stay up so late now that we barely make it through a episode of John Oliver.

In the evenings, the four of us watch tv together, right now we are finishing Superstore. Because I couldn’t get downstairs to where we usually sit (the room I’m in now) with the dog and the fireplace, we all piled on the bed and one chair to watch. My boys are all very big now, it is more than cozy.

But when I spent most of the day in bed last week barely able to roll over, I didn’t use it. I read. In a few days I finished The Centaur’s Wife and devoured Kerry Clare’s Waiting for a Star to Fall (so good!) and at least it let me feel like I wasn’t wasting my time.

As the hours went by and I could start to sit up I had my laptop and was able to write. But what always happens when I’m just starting to feel better is my mind gets way ahead of me and makes crazy plans. This year, besides my bedroom, I’ve had no space for myself to work. I’ve been sharing couches and the kitchen table with working kids, the downstairs office has become Scott’s. So I started trying to come up with how I could set up my own space without spending much, if any, money.

Scott got on board right away and I decided all I needed was a tray table, an old chair we already had and this perfect corner in our downstairs room with my books and a window. We ordered one and he went out to pick it up. For a few days it sat beside our bed and played it’s role as an actual tray table, holding meals and hot drinks and books. Such a tiny thing, free actually, paid for with Canadian Tire points, that keep my from feeling sorry for myself. Always have something to look forward too.

So here I am! I’m here now (feeling so much better) and it’s perfect. Bingo sleeps on the couch beside me, the light and snow are in front of me, and I’m anchored on my side by so many of my favourite words and stories.

So I’m feeling pretty lucky, and to top things off, we have pizza leftovers for lunch.

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