Some Times

Some times there are moments when everything hard falls away. You forget you’re tired because the sunlight falls just so across the table you’re sitting at. Some days you can forget you are starting to dream about your grandmother who died eight months ago and every morning is a little tough. But you forget it for awhile because the evenings are stretching out and last night you ran in the rain with your oldest son to get a milkshake from the ice cream shop where your other son works and it was pouring and no one could stop laughing. Some times you forget about the worries you have for your kids because there is a Summer Fair at their high school and they both go and come home talking about the crazy doughnuts they bought and how much fun it was to stand in line together and talk to each other’s friends. And even though one kid isn’t go to school right now, he made it to the fair, so those two hours let you go to lunch and a book store with your husband and because of Covid, every time now you are out feels so amazing. And you knew that your people were all happy and no one needed anything of you and it was really good.

And then the summer is coming! You will go out for more lunches and dates and walks. And you are starting to write again, 1000 words a day, and your story is taking shape and revealing itself it you. And the worries are still there but the joy and the sunlight and stretched out evenings are just so much more.

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