Normally this doesn’t get set up for another month, but there was an hour of glorious sun and warmth yesterday and we all pitched in and cleaned the deck and Rory played ‘fresh bistro’ music on his phone and Scott and I ate grapefruit cake and drank coffee while kids bounced on trampoline and it was perfect.

Yesterday was Easter and our day didn’t look much different than it would have outside of this new normal. There were croissants and an egg hunt, which our kids looked hilariously HUGE doing from my spot on the couch, and that made me love it even more. Scott found and bought us a chocolate FISH! I had ordered bunny shaped bath bombs for us all because we are a family who love our baths and I’m trying to support local businesses as much as I can. I made sour cream and onion biscuits for our ham dinner which were amazing and everyone should make them because they taste like spring.

As long as we can find (not just find but SEE and grab hold of) the tiny moments, the patches of light, the glimmers, then the days will continue to be ok. This isn’t anything new of course, but on a dreary Monday morning, when I’m pretending my back still doesn’t hurt and the dog keeps coming in from outside so muddy and I am reading so many sad stories in the paper, I need to remind myself that – simply put – there is always more good than there will be bad, because there are people and we are good.

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